Simone came over…

Simone came over yesterday and we powered through packing up a bookshelf (winnowed out about 30 nonfiction books in the process, including a thesaurus I've lugged around for 20 years because after all, we have internet now), a hall stand, and the hall coat closet. So close to done with the living room -- just Ellie's crate and the stereo table to go. Then on to the kitchen!

But not right away. Today I go to campus for a meeting about our new interdisciplinary Ph.D. program, which I think will be pretty exciting. Then sit in my office and grade grade grade. If it goes quickly, then I can come home in time to plant the rhododendron, various blue perennials, sweet potato vine, and basil that I picked up yesterday. Basil! God, it smells wonderful.

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