I woke up at 2:30 and,…

I woke up at 2:30 and, unable to sleep, ended up writing a proposal for a superhero story for Wild Cards. We'll see what George thinks of it. Glad to get that checked off the to-do list, anyway.

Today's going to be chaotic -- classes followed by dermatologist appt. followed by packing up the car with toddler and hitting the road. We're driving to CT this weekend -- Kevin has conference not far from my parents' house, so we decided to try a road trip. We used to really like road tripping together, although I think it's going to be different with a toddler in the car. With any luck, she'll sleep for at least half the trip. The plan is to start driving around 7:30 tonight, let Kevin drive until 1 or so, whenever he gets tired. Sleep at a motel for a few hours, pick up around 7:30 tomorrow morning and drive the rest of the way. She should do a three hour nap in the middle of Friday, so between that and stopping every few hours to let her run around, I think we'll be okay. We got her an Aquadoodle and some new Caillou and Dr. Seuss books and a Caillou movie and some Colorforms, so hopefully that'll help. We'll be there Sat and Sun (incidentally happening to be there at the same time as my cousin's first holy communion, which is particularly lovely because it means lots of other relatives will also be around, including my sisters and their respective men), and start back Sunday evening, to be back in time to teach Tuesday. Crazy!

And in service of having enough energy to get through the day, I'd better go try to sleep again.

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