Trying to get things…

Trying to get things done today. Revised "Jump Space" for Thoughtcrime Experiments (or rather, accepted Leonard's thorough edits, and yes, I still overuse 'suddenly' and 'just' even though I know better). Sent it to Escape Pod for consideration as podcast. (Would be super-fun.) Wrapped Lori's birthday present. Talked to helpful colleague about some complex and delicate university stuff.

Lori will be here shortly for writing + doggy playdate. I'm going to try to finish "Yellow Dress" revision (got some suggestions for trimming from actors and director post-first rehearsal), and then submit it as part of my Ragdale application. When that's done, either finish "Crossing the Line" (will probably change title, which currently sucks) or go back (finally) to working on AP. I'm so close to done with that book, why oh why don't I just finish it? Some weird psychological block, like I don't want to let it go or something.

If I do all that, then I get to start seeds this afternoon. Tomatillos, sweet basil, moss rose, cup-and-saucer vine. Maybe more; have to go up to the roof and see what I have leftover from last year. I think the salad greens, garlic chives, and adorable little oxheart carrots I'll just wait and sow directly into the soil outdoors in a few weeks...

God, I wish I had enough room for a proper vegetable garden. I want to grow onions, potatoes, cauliflower, beets, rhubarb, corn, green beans, eggplant and squash -- plus tons of berries, fruit trees... If I tried to do that on my roof, it'd a) cost a fortune in containers, b) take over the whole deck, and c) possibly crush my roof with the weight of all that soil. I need ground! Then I can try designing an ornamental kitchen garden.


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