The photos from Sharmi’s…

The photos from Sharmi's wedding are still trickling in. There are some cute ones on the official CD that I'll upload as soon as Miss Sharmila actually sends me the CD, so they don't have the photographer's watermarks all over them. :-) But here's one that Mirna downloaded that I like a lot -- the next generation, Sharmi's siblings and Ryan's all together. Sorry Kavi isn't smiling -- I think she gets that from her father. :-)

2 thoughts on “The photos from Sharmi’s…”

  1. I’ve been following your blog, but have found it hard to post comments. (I get error messages when I try.)

    Lovely photo!! When I first saw pictures of you in your black sari, I thought that this should be your author photo.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Sorry you’ve been having trouble posting! I still have the sari, so you never know — that might have to be the next author photo. Assuming I actually finish another book…

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