I also want to note that…

I also want to note that I'm feeling somewhat better (after crashing hard at 7:30 last night and sleeping until Kavi woke me at 4:30). I may get tired again early, but for now, feel mostly okay, and will be hopefully churning through massive backlog of e-mail and grading -- losing three days to AWP + another three to being sick makes for much behindness.

AWP was great, and I meant to write up all kinds of comments on it, which I probably won't get to now, sadly. But the gist is that it was super-fabulous seeing my grad school friends again -- even people I wasn't that close to in grad school I was really happy to see at AWP, and it's so nice hearing how their writing / teaching / families are doing. Also great reconnecting at AWP with even older friends Lawrence Schimel and Jared Cloud and Swati Avasti. And making a new friend Roxane Gay. All so good. Went to one interesting panel (on aftereffects of memoir publishing), but mostly just sat and talked to people and it was good.

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