I finished my first real…

I finished my first real knit, a pinwheel sweater for my niece, Brooke! I'm pretty happy with how it came out (modelled by Kavi):

If I do it again (and I think I probably will, for Kavi), I'd change two things -- do the afterthought heel for the armholes (as they suggest on Ravelry) instead of the extremely confusing provisional cast-on, and make the loops on my crocheted edge (a change already from the suggested I-cord) a little bigger. But overall, very happy with the project! It took exactly one month, start to finish.

9 thoughts on “I finished my first real…”

  1. sharmila (littlest sister)

    Wow! It looks fantastic. And not just because the model is so cute (and so big!!!).

    I do know basic knit, purl. But all I’ve been also to do is a scarf. I tried a hat once, and it came out *all wrong*! I would love help. I think I often just don’t get how to interpret patterns properly.


  2. I LOVE it!!! I like it more than the one in the book you got the pattern from. Kavi is the perfect model. Beautiful.

    I finally managed to finish that hat you helped me with. At 11:30 last night, I thought I was going to be headed over there today to get your help. Again. But I managed. I posted on Ravelry if you want to view.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Congrats on finishing the hat! It looks great — very manly. I ought to make Kevin a hat, but I’m making myself one first. 🙂

    Thanks everyone for the nice words. Definitely a big part of the fun of knit/crochet for me is getting praise for the finished piece! 🙂

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