I don’t blog about…

I don't blog about politics much, even Sri Lankan politics, but sometimes what's happening in the home country is just too awful to let slide:

U.N. Leads Evacuation from Sri Lanka

And Then They Came For Me -- posthumous editorial from prominent newspaper editor shot dead last week, accusing the government

There is Nothing Wrong With Your Television Set -- my friend Suchetha, living in Colombo, talking about what's going on there now

It seems that there's a reasonable chance that the Sri Lankan government will prevail over the Tigers soon -- they've made steady advances, and the rebels have lost control of all their villages, and are now hidden in the jungle. Perhaps we will have peace. But at what cost? What will the government have become in that process? What will become of the Tamil civilians caught in the cross-fire?

I've applied for a grant to go to Sri Lanka in the summer to do research -- not so likely I'll get this one, but we'll see. I want to go, but I'm also scared. Not so much for my personal safety, but scared to see what the country and political situation look like from the inside. It looks pretty bad from out here.

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