Hey, they think one of…

Hey, they think one of my pieces is "universally profound"! That's nice. I'm really pleased to see such glowing reviews for the just-opened Yoni ki Baat -- very satisfying for my first stage production! I was too sick to go to opening night, but hope to be recovered enough to make it next week. Yay!

Yoni Ki Baat demystifies the VAGINA through a series of personal stories about menstruation, masturbation, castigation, stimulation, and fornication that encourage conversation, engage the imagination and include, but are not limited to, tales of troubled pro-creation. That is to say, theres a lot of vaginal discourse. And really, what is the problem? Even if you dont have one and/or arent inclined to get to know one, it is the very point of entry for us all.

- Chicago Stage Review

And another:

Each monologue gave insightful looks at the unique sexual experiences and beliefs of young modern South Asian women. I learned much about the strength and vitality of South Asian women. I learned that they do, indeed, enjoy the same sexual desires as Western women. The stereotypical view of South Asian women is aptly debunked through these truthfully candid monologues. This surely is a fine, well acted girls-night-out show that has enough humor and heart to appeal to men also.

- Chicago Critic

If you're in Chicago this month, go see it!

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