One nice day in…

One nice day in December, we took Kavi to the park in Los Gatos, the one with the fountain. If we'd been better parents, we would have taken her every day, because, boy, does she love water.

If we really loved her, we'd move to California...

3 thoughts on “One nice day in…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I love her in all that color. 🙂 The clothes are a mix of Zutano (dress and tights) and Kaboo (sweater), all bought secondhand at Second Child in Chicago. I should take you sometime, go clothes shopping for your nieces. Love that store. The Kaboo sweater is possibly my favorite of all her clothes.

    No worries — no plans to move to California unless Stanford or Berkeley calls up and offers Kevin a job. Not looking so likely.

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