And this one’s an…

And this one's an embroidery project, a little bag for my sister Mirna, the dancer:

I'm really pleased with how this came out. It's slightly off-center, but not badly. The design basically looks like the original graphic I found online. And it didn't take as long as I feared -- maybe two hours total? I'm not positive, but I think I used a stitch called 'backstitch', very easy. Didn't bother with copying patterns and all -- just eyeballed the design, drew it on with an water-erasable pen, and then stitched that. Wash and iron and done!

Mirna says she likes it, and will probably use it for a little make-up bag, so cool. I sort of wish I'd had time to embroidery a caduceus on the opposite side (for the dancing doctor), but it's probably a bit more elegant this way anyway. :-)

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