Ah, the Christmas…

Ah, the Christmas knitting. Or rather, Christmas crochet, as I didn't feel confident enough in my knitting to attempt any on deadline. Here's two gifts that made it all the way to Australia:

I call this Karina's Rock Star Skirt, because it's made with Rock yarn, and is also in a rather electric color. But I think it'll look great with her hair and eyes. Several errors in the process, but I think they're mostly not likely to be noticed. The pattern was hard for me, mostly because it was my first time reading a chart, and I'm not at all certain I did it right -- next time, I think I want an experienced person next to me to confirm my interpretations of what the chart means. But still, happy with the result.

It has way too many holes to wear on its own, and I thought of lining it, but it seemed more fun to let it be -- she can throw on a black skirt under it, or blue jeans, or whatever. Jarmila and I model it for you:

The skirt took a long time. I won't be knocking out a lot of those, I promise you. I had just enough time to make a matching slightly hippie-ish headband (took half an hour) before sending everything off. I can't seem to find the pattern again, but it's dead easy -- just go back and forth three times along a row, with chain stitches along the middles, and single crochet at the ends, to length desired.

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