Two more Facebook…

Two more Facebook friends last night, bringing me up to 497, and so I decided to help the process along and look at its Friend suggestions, and sent requests to a few people I knew, and one has already written back. 498! :-)

On the holiday crocheting countdown, I have one half-finished project, two almost-finished projects (one requiring a trip to Michaels for supplies!), and one completely unstarted project (baby socks for Kavi). Kevin and I just realized last night that in fact, in all the madness, we didn't get any Christmas presents for Kavi. Not that it matters because a) the relatives will give her plenty, and b) we get her too many presents already. But it's still sort of funny that we hadn't even realized it. I think I'm going to try to make her a light sweater in January, as a nice low-key beginner knitting project. With sleeves, maybe even. Is that too ambitious?

3 thoughts on “Two more Facebook…”

  1. We did gift giving last night. All the moms in the gift wrapping room thought the elephant had a naughty trunk. And, when the littlest elephant was opened by the dad, he had it backwards and thought it was a bunny rabbit. I’m going to put my crochet needle down for another 30 years.

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