Here are few pics from…

Here are few pics from Kavi's first wave of Christmas -- opening the gifts from my parents before we left Chicago. Kavi's favorite toy, hands down, is her Lotta doll (the red-headed one from Germany), so she got a friend, Paola, along with a bed and a little dollhouse. Kavi loved it all, and got very intent on her play with them.

What's this?

Look! It has an eye! Kavi is very enthusiastic about eyes, and has often almost poked out my eye, Kevin's eye, Ellie's eye (poor puppy), and recently, her cousin Brooke's eye.

Can I work this zipper? Why yes, yes I can. Excellent.

Both dollies must sleep in the same bed, because they are very special friends. I insist.

Mama took off some of Paola's clothes, and I am not sure I approve. Although this necklace is very nice.

Put them back, put them back!


Ah. All is well.

Kavi likes things orderly; she gets very distressed sometimes when things are not in their proper place, and insists on putting them back. No, daddy, the cup goes HERE! I think our daughter may be getting a bit willful. :-)

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  1. I have 2 willful children and for all the madness it brings to my life and theirs, I would take willful over docile any day.

    I love the sets. They look great!!

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