Umm…how did it get to… did it get to be December 11th already? I had all these plans for knit/crocheted/embroidered gifts, and now there's just 15 days left 'til Christmas! And there's still grading to be done, and syllabus-finalizing and book-ordering for next semester? Not to mention a Christmas party on Sunday, with trifle and cookes and tea sandwiches to be made! I may not have planned this so well...

Currently on the hook: one skirt, 1/2 done (I think), one mystery project (barely started). At least two more projects not even started yet. Eep eep eep.

I did finish one set of little stocking presents -- these were easy, charming, and pretty close to free:

Take photos of adorable daughter and cute cousin Brooke. Print in b/w on regular printer, for that artsy look, on self-adhesive paper (the kind you buy at office supply stores, for printing labels -- you want sheets that are all one page, or at most divided into four labels). Cut images down to 2 in diameter (or whatever is the right size for the tins you have) and adhere to top of tins. Fill tins with spices and tea (in this set: Tellicherry black peppercorns (my favorite type of pepper), mixed pink/green/white peppercorns, star anise (nice for tea, if you like licorice flavors), and rosehip tea. All of which I had in the house already. Wrap up in a silver ribbon and you have a nice little stocking gift for brother and sister-in-law.

I made sets for Kev's folks and my sisters too. Kev's parents' set will be filled with office supplies instead of spices -- paperclips, rubberbands, tacks, etc. You could also fill them with beads and the like for a crafty friend, or with jewelry if you're feeling fancy -- a set of simple earrings in each, for example. :-)

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’m actually not sure where they’re from; I had them in the house, leftover from another event. But I think the Container Store has tins like this…

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