Kevin and I are trying…

Kevin and I are trying something new this morning; usually I watch Kavi in the mornings when we're both home, by the logic that I'm a morning person. But we realized yesterday that even when he gets up earlier, he isn't really able to go into work mode until after lunch -- and I'd much rather be writing in the morning. So we're trying this:

  • 7-ish - 9: MA shift
  • 9 - 1: Kev shift
  • 1 - 3: Kavi nap
  • 3 - 7: MA shift
  • 7 - 7:30: Someone put her down for bed; may be a bit variable, depending on whether Kev is still working productively, whether I'm about to punch a hole in the wall, etc.
So far, so good, although I would say that, wouldn't I, given that we're still in my off-time. I've spent some of it learning to knit -- tried the long-tail cast-on and got insanely frustrated; eventually gave up and switched over to a crocheted cast-on, aah, so much easier for me. Also reminded myself how to do the knit stitch; no problem remembering after a few stitches, even though it's been over twenty years since I last knit in high school. Did a few rows of just knit stitch; I think it'll be part of a dress for Kavi's dolly, a mix of knit and crochet. We'll see how it goes.

Then came upstairs to do edits for Yoni ki Baat; turns out they're using three of my pieces, cool. Edited two; not sure if I've been sent edits for the third. Must query.

Getting hungry, so break for lunch and a few more rows of knitting, I think, then back upstairs to do final edits to secret present for journal-readers, almost done. :-) What do you think you're getting from me for the holidays? Wait and see...

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