Stayed up late talking…

Stayed up late talking to Kevin last night (mostly slightly painful budget stuff, sigh), and as a result am cranky and tired this morning. Somewhat redeemed by finishing re-reading Busman's Honeymoon which is even more wonderful than remembered; in fact, it's much like Lear in that I think it's a story you get a lot more out of once you've lived through some of the relevant experiences. When I first read this at twenty, so much of the complex relationship dynamics would have gone right by me. Now, it is just perfect. I wish she'd written more books.

I'm disconcerted working on my laptop right now because Kavi got to it this morning and now the screen is all kinds of weird colors -- black and ghostly. Anyone know what's going on?

Today one more class to teach, then a bit of necessary shopping. I tried on my winter boots this morning, to discover that they're all too small for me; my feet went up half a size with the pregnancy, and the change appears to be permanent. Some of my shoes still fit, but many don't. So after my second class, I go looking for boots. Ugh. I know some women like shoe shopping, but I just don't. Also, I could still use a few more basic wardrobe items; some cardigans to replace the ones that died last winter, a button-down brown shirt, some thin long-sleeved t-shirts to layer under the cardigans, that kind of thing. Gap for the clothes, I guess, hoping to find stuff on sale. Not sure where to go for the shoes.

After that, home to rest and crochet a bit more. I'm making a scarf for Kavi right now, and hope to make mittens to match, or fingerless gloves, if I can find a very (!) simple pattern. Do you think those would be a reasonable beginner knitting project? Knitting will give me a tighter weave, I think, which should be better for gloves that will undoubtedly be scooping up snow soon. I bought a 'teach yourself to knit' kit, but I need a pattern for the mittens/gloves. Any advice would be very welcome. Here's the scarf so far...

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  1. I like Busman’s Honeymoon too – I don’t always enjoy Sayers, and the first time I was a little annoyed by the sheer detail in which their relationship was depicted – but a second read really opened up all the complexity in their responses and actions which was really neat. This one is one of my favourites of all her Wimsey books.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, btw, this way I’m also getting to know a lot of interesting new ones!

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    BH is a pretty unapologetic love story, with a bit of mystery thrown in. 🙂 If you’re madly in love with Wimsey and Vane, as I am, then it’s all good.

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