I’ve been crocheting…

I've been crocheting little flowers recently, in part to make flowers that I'll attach to Xmas presents and which people can pin onto jackets or hats if they like, in part to just experiment with different yarns that I'm not used to working with. Fun! I'm using Suzann Thompson's Crochet Bouquet, which has a plethora of pretty flower designs. I'm sticking to the easy ones so far.

This one didn't come out as round as it was supposed to -- not sure what I did wrong. But it's a fortunate accident, I think, because the colors and shape reminded me of a peacock, and I happened to have some fuzzy blue yarn. So....

Peacock feather! I just did some increasing of size towards the point -- single, to double, to triple crochet, to give it a bit more pointiness. I think I could make it even more like a peacock feather with more work, but this is a cute shape for a desi accent to a jacket or even purse, I think. Will probably go to one of my sisters.

The next one was her 'simple five', and I like how it came out, but the fuzzy yarn did make it difficult to see the pattern; for this kind of thing it might work better to use a simpler yarn. But it's cute enough, I think -- might get pinned on one of Kavi's jackets.

And this is my favorite so far. I actually like my version better than the one in the book, because the fuzzy yarn has a more organic look and seems a bit less bare than her aster. Of course, it looks a bit more like some kind of sea anemone than a flower, but I'm okay with that. It's about as big as my hand, and I think it'd look super-cute pinned to a jacket or hat. :-)

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  1. Hi Mary Anne!

    Oddly enough, my grandma makes things similar to those rounds, only she uses lengths of torn up netting (nylon tulle) in bright colors and they make the most wonderful dish scrubbers!

    Your yarn projects look amazing. Hope the writing/teaching/living is going well!


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