Okay, tell me the truth….

Okay, tell me the truth. This little guy doesn't actually look anything like an elephant at all, does he?

I hoped that once I added the feet (with their little toenails) that it'd all magically come together and shout ELEPHANT, but it's just not happening. I think what happened is that I put the ears too low? I thought about trying to unattach them and move them higher (like the original photo shows), but I did too good a job attaching them in the first place; I can't even figure out where the attaching yarn is anymore. Also, his trunk is somehow too thick, but I definitely can't do anything about that. I'm going to go ahead and do the arms and tail, of course, but I think this may be a critter, rather than an elephant. Possibly an alien critter. What do you think it is?

Maybe it would look more like an elephant if I'd done it in grey. Kavi isn't as into elephants (or lions, or dragons) as I am anyway -- right now, her favorite animal is either monkey (she says, 'ook ook') or owl (she can actually say 'owl' very enthusiastically when we point to the owl photo). So perhaps this little critter will wander off to another child's home, and I'll take another stab at one for Kavi with a monkey or owl. We'll see. :-)

Off to finish the arms now, in a quiet Saturday morning. I do think these will go a lot faster with practice; I read another blog this morning where someone mentioned making the owl in an afternoon. So I'm just slow.

It still feels very fast to me, starting and finishing a project in a week. Why in the world did I start crocheting with afghans??? No wonder it took me years to finish a project -- so hard to stay motivated!

9 thoughts on “Okay, tell me the truth….”

  1. Don’t ask me, ask an expert.

    Yesterday, I happened to be browsing the page where you had a picture of Kavi and one of the “elephant”. My grandson who is 6 came by and asked who she was. When I scrolled up to the picture of your project he said that it was Kavi’s stuffed elephant.

    With all of love,

    C. J. Czelling

  2. I agree with you – the ears need to be higher. The lower position makes it look like a dog. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though – it’s adorable, whatever it ends up being.

    Is this a project for a beginner or do you think it’s a little more complicated?

  3. I am going to disagree. I think it does look like an elephant. The problem is that we usually see elephants on all four legs, bot sitting upright, which makes the position of the ears look odd. I think a ninety degree rotation will bear me out on this!

  4. Your critter reminds me of Snuffaluppagus from Sesame Street. I guess he was a wooly mammoth? So, close enough. 🙂

    What size crochet needle are you using? I’m not sure I could get my stitches that tight to even make such a thing, but I’d love to try!

  5. I just called Lili over (she’s almost four now) and showed her the picture and said “what kind of animal is this?”

    And she said without hesitation, “that’s an elephant.”

    No prompting.

    So there you are.

  6. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Well, the kids have spoken, haven’t they? We’ll call it an elephant / heffalump, then. 🙂

    On the plus side, it’s finished, and we know what it is. On the minus side, Kavi doesn’t seem to like it. Sigh. I’m pretty damn fond of it, though, and am not sure I can bear to let it go to another child. Maybe we’ll just live with it a while and see if it grows on her…

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