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Barbara kindly invited me to join her group blog, Romancing the Yarn, a set of authors/knitters. Fun! I posted an over-long intro post this morning (which actually is not a bad little essay about life and writing and yarn), and may do more textile-related posting there (although there's a good chance it'll also just be copied over here). Thanks, Barbara! Hopefully, I'll stick with the yarn this time!

In other news, woke up at 4:15 again -- I can't seem to get off this schedule, even though I stayed up to 10:30 last night. Frustrating. Tired. Maybe will try to nap today, though I'm a hopeless napper. Should be a quiet day of reading and watching Kavi today; I'm on the Wisconsin arts council jury, and have a massive stack of manuscripts to finish reading today. Also a doctor check-up. But hopefully I can squeeze in a bit of time for elephant ears at least.

I did finish the elephant head last night, which was remarkably satisfying. I kept thinking it was going to look terrible until I actually finished the head, and then, surprisingly, it looked mostly like the photo in the book. Weird! :-) I like the yarn I'm using for the elephant, although it looks a little odder right now with the white felt eyes than the grey and pink they chose for the book. But a) I have the yarn already, b) I think it's cute, and c) I'm reserving final judgement until the thing is done. Also embroidered the eyes, because its less of a choking hazard than using beads. The trunk's a bit thick too, I think. Oh well. I'm not fast on this -- I think it's taken about 2-3 hrs already (while watching Futurma, South Park and The Daily Show), so the people who say you can knock off one of these in two hours are clearly insane. But still fun.

If you haven't voted yet, best of luck to you today. Starbucks is giving out free coffee to voters. Enjoy!

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  1. Bought yarn with some of my winnings from the Dallas Book Fair! I have varigated for a scarf and pink for some elephants. Can’t WAIT.

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