I thought the scarf…

I thought the scarf might be better appreciated on a model, but she wasn't thrilled with the idea. Holding still is not her favorite thing. :-)

I'm also experimenting with crochet photography. For these photos I waited for the late afternoon sunlight to hit my dining table. Better or worse than the morning (electric-light-lit) photos? I tend to prefer daylight for photos, but I also like high-contrast images, with lots of light and shadow (I love the painter Caravaggio and his use of chiaroscuro), and I know that's not a universal preference. Which set gives you a better sense of the yarn and its colors? Which lets you see detail better? Which seems prettier to you? I'm all about the yarn porn these days...

4 thoughts on “I thought the scarf…”

  1. I like the photo on the bottom left. It shows off the yarn texture and colors nicely.

    I bought a ball of thread and a needle tonight. I also found a gingerbread house kit for cheap and my son wanted one so badly last year. I told him it was for you…

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Lori, I don’t actually know, since I bought the yarn five years ago. Something like you like the colors of, that feels relatively thin and somewhat silky? Two skeins? Variegated, so you don’t have to change colors. 🙂

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