I think I’m coming down…

I think I'm coming down with a cold. Sigh. But I've been super-productive this past week, thanks mostly to Simone helping me catch up on all sorts of backlogged tasks and generally being a pain-in-the-ass motivator (in a good way). It makes me tempted to try NaNoWriMo -- but that's just crazy talk, right? (Keep in mind that I have a nonfiction book to finish and two other novels in progress -- I'd have to set aside those two at least in order to write a completely new one. But oh, it's tempting. Something with dragons or spaceships sounds like a nice change.)

I've been crocheting like mad too -- made a lovely scarf this past week, and have started trying an amigurumi project; if it actually turns into anything, will post photos. Pretty much all the gifts this year will be hand-made or books, I think, to keep the budget reasonable. Semi-reasonable. Fancy yarn is not so cheap.

We just filled out the application for a Montessori daycare -- if Kavi gets in, it'll send our costs up a bit, but not as much as we were afraid of. We can swing it for a few years at least. We're both feeling somewhat conflicted about it -- the school is lovely, all natural wood and beautiful and sunny and cheerful, with a better student-teacher ratio than the state mandates and such. I think she'd be happy there, after a bit of transition, and she really does need to socialize more with other children, especially larger groups -- right now, even when we have a big party here, Kavi gets a little overwhelmed. So it'll be good for her, but it's so cute watching her play these days (or playing with her), that it's a little hard to let her go off to school already. Maybe she should just stay home until she's 80, 'kay? That sounds better.

Plan for the rest of today: work on a slightly overdue ICFA academic proposal (on Guy Gavriel Kay) that I hope they'll still take, revise some more of the nonfiction book. Crochet. Nap. Maybe start a novel? :-) We'll see.

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  1. I’d love to see pics of the scarfs you’ve crocheted. It might motivate me to pick up the needle again. It’s so much easier to just sit on the couch at the end of the day and stare brainlessly at the tv.
    Please do post those pictures!

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