Hmm…with all the…

Hmm...with all the Twitter updating (several times a day so far), I'm somewhat less inclined to blog, it seems. I'll try not to slack off too much. But I did want to note that I added a Twitter feed in my left sidebar, below the navigation, in case you stop by and want to know what I'm doing right this minute.

So far I'm really enjoying Twitter -- a few of my friends are on it, that I've found, and it's nice hearing little notes about what they're doing during the day, and being able to send little comments on that. It's a warm and fuzzy sort of feeling. I think in the long run I probably won't want to follow a ton of people on it, for fear of getting overwhelmed -- but we'll see. For now, it's just fun.

All I've accomplished today is some pleasure reading (Carey) and a grocery run that was only half-successful -- the Mexican grocery down the street has goat meat, good tamales, yummy ready-made flan, all of which I wanted, but no Roquefort, haricot verts, etc. Another run later in the week, I guess.

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