Wednesday night, watched…

Wednesday night, watched the last debate, and I thought Obama did pretty decent. There's still plenty of things I don't like about his policies, but I like them so much better than McCain's that it's just no contest. Crossing fingers and toes for him.

Kevin watched Kavi yesterday so I could get through some of my backlog, which did help -- I got rid of half my backlogged e-mail (still 80 messages left) and wrote another magazine proposal for Wondertime. Did most of some laundry (didn't quite manage the putting-away part) and most of a load of dishes (ditto). Was crashing pretty early, though, and Kevin was too -- I think we must both be a little sick. Slept like a log, though (no Kavi-waking! Yay!!!) and I feel okay today. Which is good because tonight Venu and Sendhil and Daniel and Anne come over for poker and pizza, woohoo!

Today I have a pretty tightly-packed day with class prep, teaching, meetings (one potentially quite awkward, sigh), teaching, grading, and errands, straight through to seven. But at seven is the poker. It's just penny-ante, because in these dark times, who can afford to play for real money? But it should be much fun nonetheless.

(Are you guys sick of the 'in these dark times' thing yet? I can't seem to stop doing it. It's like I've been infected by a dark times meme/virus. In these dark times, I can't stop talking about these dark times. Kevin even did it yesterday!! N, this is all your fault. I can't turn it off. Help!)

I really do need to make a master to-do list sometime soon, to let me even figure out if I do actually need to hire some help (somehow). If I can just find the time to do so...

5 thoughts on “Wednesday night, watched…”

  1. I think I am going to change the meme to “In these troubled times.” Can we afford to be using, in these troubled times, to use potentially racially charged adjectival metaphors?

  2. Sorry. I really garbled that sentence in my last comment. I should have been:

    Can we afford, in these troubled times, to use potentially racially charged adjectival metaphors?

    This change is for my own use only, of course. Others may well prefer the original, as it is a bit snappier.

  3. I’m supposed to be a Republican. But I cannot align myself with McCain or Palin. Quite frankly, I can’t stand to look at McCain. There is no way I want him representing this country. I too am ready for a change.

    I wish more people who are bashing Obama would, at the very least, read what Wikipedia says about him. They just might stop. I hate that people say he is a muslim because the man who fathered him and whom he met a handful of times may have been. I was born in Trinidad. My family left when I was 2 and never looked back. I couldn’t tell you anything of importance about the place. If Trinidad were a primarily muslim country, would that make me a muslim extremist?

    It’s obvious these are dark, troubled times. But we’ve had them before. And before. And before. It was always the worst at the time. Somehow, we manage to rebound. Where are the optimists out there? Sadly, not being interviewed and aired on mass media. This too shall pass.

  4. I think it’s time to start abbreviating–
    ITDT. It’s so much faster and flows off the tongue so smoothly. In our survivalist compound, that will be the password to get in.

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