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This post is elsewhere: No House For Us, in these Dark Times.

In other news, we really had an excellent day yesterday. Kavi was in such a good mood that I decided I could risk taking her to a 6:30 math department dinner at Red Light, which proved a nice opportunity to celebrate my magazine sale, since we're otherwise trying not to eat out too much these days. The five-spice ribs are just as good as I remember, and also gave us a good ten minutes of calm baby time, as Kavi insisted on grabbing one and gnawing on it. All of our attempts to offer asparagus or green beans were scorned; the prospects of her choosing vegetarianism are looking a bit dim. It was definitely a challenge going out with baby, especially to a trendy, loud restaurant, but she really was in a very good mood, which made it just barely do-able.

Sadly, the night didn't continue quite as good -- at 3:30 she woke me up, wanting to play, and while I coaxed her back to bed after about twenty minutes, by that point I was thoroughly awake. Oh well. Came down, checked e-mail, watched Jon Stewart and dozed on the couch. Luckily, I don't have anything scheduled after teaching, so if I crash at 2, it's okay. I want to try to stay rested, because Kevin now has a cold, and thinks Kavi is getting it too. Fun times. Our household putters along reasonably smoothly as long as we're all healthy, but when even one of us gets sick, things start falling apart.

I did end up signing up for Writers' Market online yesterday, and am planning to send off some requests for guidelines and queries. Also ordered a book on magazine writing. I don't want to make this the focus of my writing career -- but publishing an article every few months would be quite nice for the family budget. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Lori, did you take that one back, or is it around here somewhere? I bought Renegade Writer: Query Letters That Rock, because query letters are the part I’m least enthused about right now. 🙂

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