I’ve been a bit bummed…

I've been a bit bummed by all the rejections that have come in recently -- apparently the downside to sending lots of stories out is that you get lots of rejections. I had five in one week! (Atlantic Monthly, Ploughshares, Missouri Review, F&SF, Asimov's. Oof.) But on the plus side, there have been a few acceptances too, both very interesting in their own ways (and just a tad ironic that they came in the same week):

  • "Silence and the Word" and "White Sheets" (a short piece about my c-section) to Yoni ki Baat -- this is sort of a South Asian version of the vagina monologues; it'll be produced by Rasaka Theatre company this coming January, in a four-week run. My first actual theatrical production! Unpaid, and in collaboration with many other pieces, but still, very exciting!

  • "Raising a Biracial Child" to Wondertime, Disney's charming toddler/young child-parenting magazine. $1500 for 1000 words, which I think makes it the most I've been paid for a single short piece. Woohoo! Why didn't I try print magazine writing a long time ago?? Parenting/writer compatriots -- maybe y'all should give it a go too! Let's take over the glossy magazines! :-)

Seriously, I'm thrilled.

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  1. Congratulations Mary Anne! That’s awesome!!

    I, too, have been collecting rejections lately. I sent one story to about 40 sim-sub markets while still at Clarion, so now the chickens are coming home to roost. Hobart, Southern Review, Alaskan Quarterly Review, Witness…and another to science fiction markets, which was just rejected at both Weird Tales and Clarkesfiction. Yeek!

    I need to think of something awesome to make out of all my rejections. Laminated placemats, maybe?

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