Uncle Jed recently got…

Uncle Jed recently got Kavi an early Xmas present, the learning tower. It's supposed to be a way for kids to help in the kitchen, and also to provide a safe and stable structure for them to climb around in, rather than teetering on stools or chairs. It also doubles as a puppet theatre and fort. :-)

She's a bit young for it still -- Kavi can't climb in and out by herself, the way she's supposed to. In a month or two, I think. But in the meantime, it actually works pretty well as a place to plop her down when I'm getting her milk, or cooking, or getting things in and out of the dishwasher (with its sharp knives that she loves to grab for). I can put her in front of the sink with a pot of water and a long utensil, and she'll happily occupy herself splashing for 10-15 minutes. She also likes to try to cook -- kitchen utensils may be her favorite toys right now. She adores the whisk.

I feel obliged to note that now that I've started getting out her fall clothes, I have fallen madly in love with the outfit she's wearing in those photos. So insanely cute. Found secondhand at The Second Child for about ten bucks, I think, and it's gorgeous heavy cordouroy-type material, with adorable embroidered princess and flowers. And blue is such a good color for her. I could just melt.

Is it a sign of shallowness that I find myself more patient with Kavi when I think she looks adorable? Probably, but I figure anything that makes me a more patient mommy is a good thing.

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