I set the alarm for 5…

I set the alarm for 5 this morning, thinking I would get up and finish my grading. But no -- it didn't happen. Instead I did dishes, had tea, and dealt with some urgent e-mails. Which is all good too, and I definitely like being up and working that early (must try to keep that up), but it doesn't get the grading done. This afternoon, hopefully. I'm going to try to be strict with myself on getting their papers back within a week, which means by Friday for this set. Tomorrow is pretty open, so if I have to grade during Kavi's nap instead of writing, so be it.

Plan for today: teach, prepare for Sorayya Khan visit and VOR this weekend. Much publicity work. Oh, the madness.

Cheery info for the day, courtesy Curtis: 16 Very Poisonous Plants, many commonly found in your toddler's backyard, or your neighbor's. I am sad about the monkshood, angel's trumpet, narcissus/daffodils, oleander, and rhododendron/azalea, all of which I think are beautiful and would love to have in my garden. My parents grew rhododendrons. Did they not know?

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