I ache. Wednesday night…

I ache. Wednesday night I went to Dance Dance Party Party (mildly fun, but I think I would have liked it better if I'd known more of the songs; will try again next week), and last night I took a beginner jazz class (which went quite fast). Today, my feet hurt -- I've actually been having a recurring problem with my feet, especially my right heel, which has been really aching for no good reason. And I pulled something behind my right knee last night, so that it hurts pretty sharply when I walk down the stairs. I'm hoping it isn't going to be exacerbated by biking in today.

On the plus side, even though I'm quite tired, I feel good in some strange way. I have hopes for this whole active lifestyle thing. If I don't break my body in the process.

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  1. Years ago, I had an unexplained persistent ache in my right heel. I saw a sports podiatrist and found out that I had a bone spur. I could have had surgery, but I chose a non-prescription orthotic instead, which solved the problem. It might be worth talking to a podiatrist.

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