The Return of the To-Do…

The Return of the To-Do List:
  • Make annual vet appointment (DONE)
  • Try too-small clothes at consignment shop (DONE)
  • Invite workshop students to join local writing group (DONE)
  • Make agenda for DesiLit admin meeting Thursday (DONE)
  • Hold DesiLit admin chat (DONE)
  • Finish and send out the christening thank you's. Yes, I should have done this in December. Don't remind me. (DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Draft syllabi (LIT DONE, CW WORKING)
  • Finish reading Updike best of the century anthology (for syllabus) (WORKING)
  • Research local daycares and make appointments to visit them (WORKING)
  • Schedule appointment to go to Devon and get sari blouses made for bridesmaids and matron of honor (me) in Sharmi's wedding (WAITING ON E-MAIL RESPONSE)

  • Schedule room for Sorayya Khan reading
  • Make appointments for annual ultrasound and bloodwork
  • Make appointment for semi-annual dentist visit and cleaning (ick)
  • Make appointment for Kevin to go to the doctor, because he hasn't been in at least a decade and it's probably time
  • Revise "Sequins"
  • Revise difficult chapter of Arbitrary Passions that I've been avoiding
  • Help Kevin clean grill (we had to bring it inside because they're sealing the wood on our balconies today, and have been confronted with how truly filthy it is)
  • Move the Thai pepper plants that have gotten overshadowed by bigger habanero and serrano pepper plants, so they have a chance of actually growing; possibly move serranos too -- heck, move all of them. Plus some tomatoes.
  • Donate remaining too-small clothes
  • Apply for citizenship.
  • Renew expired Sri Lankan passport.

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