Yesterday, I got quite a…

Yesterday, I got quite a bit of work done, both writing and household, yay! I think chapter 1-4 of AP are clean and ready to go. We're having Jarmila come 9-5 this week that Kevin's gone, both to keep me from melting down with baby-duty and so I can get hopefully masses of writing and other work done. It's working well so far. In the evening, I took Kavi and Ellie to the little park nearby, where they ran around like crazy for an hour.

Today, Lori and her puppy are coming by to keep us company. I'm hoping to do a massive chunk of writing today -- plow through a lot more of AP, hopefully. If I am very good, I will finish this draft of the book before classes start. We'll see. Also need to set up my UIC e-mail today, maybe fill out some benefits forms, figure out what I'm taking in to set up my office tomorrow. Off to work!

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