Can I have a fangirl…

Can I have a fangirl moment? I was talking to Lisette about the plans for the upcoming visit to L.A. this weekend, and we were trying to futz with the schedule to make it work, and I was getting a bit worried about getting back in time to catch my plane, and she was worried about my spending six-plus hours in transit just to see her for a few hours (which actually would have been fine with me, because I miss her and I can certainly read on the train), and then it turned out that she's coming to Chicago at the end of August, and we decided that we should just get together then. That's not the fangirl part.

The fangirl part is that means I'm not leaving the dorms until around 11 a.m. on Sunday -- and Neil Gaiman arrives at 5-ish on Saturday! I suppose I should actually call him just Neil, since I've been to a Guy Fawkes party at his house and we're nominally friends, or if not friends, at least friendly acquaintances who use each others' first names without blinking. But to the students of course he's Neil Gaiman, or rather ***NEIL GAIMAN!!!*** and I guess it's a bit contagious.

In any case, I'm rather looking forward to dinner and breakfast shared with him and the students. I'm sure it will be rather nice. (That last said in a restrained British accent. :-)

I wonder if the students have any Sandman volumes here. I'm suddenly feeling the urge to do some re-reading...

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I think sometimes if there are joint instructors, they maybe cover two weeks together? But one week is standard, I think.

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