I realized I’d gotten a…

I realized I'd gotten a little too caught up in internet imbroglios last night, after spending an hour talking to Kevin about transparency and the public/private debate, needs of the individual vs. society, the most effective ways to handle anti-social behavior, what is lost, if anything, as we move towards a completely transparent society -- all of which is excellent conversation fodder, and the sort of thing I love talking about with Kevin or Jed or Ben or ... but is not so productive when I have to get up in six hours to write critiques for my Clarion students.

Thank god today is a lighter day -- I didn't schedule any extra lectures, which should allow me time to do a few extra student conferences and still have time for catching up on my e-mail and my online class -- the lack of outgoing mail access has really crippled my ability to post regularly for that class. I'm going to figure out Pair's webmail this afternoon, hopefully. It shouldn't be too bad -- I used it while I was in Sri Lanka, after all. I just haven't had a moment to pause and think about it yet. Or rather, the moments I had, I got dragged into endless online discussions. :-)

Yesterday, had a small group for my talk on "Where Are You From?", where we talked about setting and family background as useful tools for developing character. And a much bigger group for my talk about writing sex. This is not surprising. :-)

Tonight's my reading at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego. I'm totally unsure on what to read. Maybe the new sf story, if it's short enough. Or an excerpt from the YA fantasy novel? If you have an opinion, let me know.

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