No writing yet today,…

No writing yet today, but I've done a myriad of small tasks, as well as some exercise and a lot of online class work. So far, it looks like the online class is going to take about twice as much time as the in-person class. Interesting. We'll see if that continues. I watched an episode of Bones in the middle of the day, without trying to do anything else at the same time -- so decadent! Also finished reading Tepper's The Margarets, which I was simultaneously delighted and really frustrated by, which is par for the course for Tepper and me these days, it seems. Sometimes I wonder why I do it myself. And then I go re-read the True Game and am reminded.

Kevin's sister sent along some photos -- Aunt Susan, cousin Brooke (who is five months younger than Kavi, but you wouldn't guess it!) and my Kavi. Does she look like she misses me yet???

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  1. Does she look like she misses me yet???
    Not yet, and she may not at all. But she will be really glad to see you when she is back home.

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