Well, Kevin and Kavi are…

Well, Kevin and Kavi are off to California to visit his folks, and no, I don't miss them yet. Soon, I'm sure. :-) But right now, I'm reveling in the lack of responsibility. It's just me and Ellie, and y'know, I can pretty much handle feeding the dog and taking her out for a walk twice a day. Oh, and feeding the fish. And watering the plants. But still -- I feel like such a slacker.

So far, today has been all about me. I went and got a haircut. Then Lori came over to work, but we mostly watched her dog play with Ellie, because we could just stay here and work since there's no Kavi to worry about, so she brought Ursa. So cute. But I did buy my plane tickets to Toronto for the festival, and booked a long-overdue check-up at my doctor and wrote some e-mails for the online class. And this evening, I'm going to get a pedicure and my eyebrows done. 'Cause I can! And I'm going to make fish for dinner -- smelly, smelly mackerel that makes Kevin ill when I cook it with him around. I'm going to smell up the whole place!!!

Okay, I'm a little giddy. :-)

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  1. Ursa’s first publicity!

    She’d like to apologize for the carpet. Well, she’s forgotten it by now. *I* apologize for the carpet.

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