I just sent out an…

I just sent out an e-mail to my friends with kids, asking if they wanted to set up a 'playdate'. I think I'm officially a mom now. It was kind of scary. I don't know what happens if they say no. Maybe they don't want their kids to play with Kavi. Maybe their kids already have plenty of friends in their own neighborhoods. I offered to trek out to wherever they live, which hopefully will help. But it would actually be nice to have friends with kids in our neighborhood, so we could just walk over to someone's place. But I don't have any friends in my neighborhood. It's a dilemma.


That was Kavi, who got ahold of my computer while I was scrambling an egg for her breakfast. I guess she wanted to say hi.

Yesterday was a pretty good day -- didn't get quite everything I wanted done (no writing), but lots of other stuff. And I'm actually hopeful that I might do a bit of writing during her nap later today; we'll see how it goes.

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