I’m doing a reading…

I'm doing a reading today, did I mention? At Northwestern, Harris Hall 108, 5:15 - 6:15, free and open to the public. I'll be reading part of a story from Bodies in Motion, and part of something from Arbitrary Passions. I think maybe the first beach scene, since people seem to like that one. We'll see.

Had a pleasant day yesterday -- did some work in the morning, and then the grandparents came by while Kavi was finishing her breakfast (an empty Gerber jar makes the best toy!)

We took Kavi out for lunch at ZK Foods...

...strolling around the neighborhood, v. chic in brown and pink...

...and then to the park for her first time in the swings! She seemed a bit bemused at first, but eventually we got up the nerve to actually push her up high, which she loved. I suspect there will be much swinging in her future. Everyone had to take a turn pushing her on the swings...

2 thoughts on “I’m doing a reading…”

  1. Hey Maryanne

    If you wouldn’t mind sharing, whats the sack-like blanket on Kavi’s stroller? Would love to get one for our 6-month old.



  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    It’s just a blanket, but all tucked in around her. It’s the Dwell Garden Stroller Blanket. You may have to hunt a bit to find it at a reasonable price; the only one Amazon currently has is a used version at $45. I paid more like $35 (which is still pricey, but I think was the original new price). It has a whole matching crib set, also a matching bib, I think. I think it’s awfully pretty.

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