Walking up the stairs…

Walking up the stairs just now, I passed three male college students hanging out on a landing. One South Asian, the other two white. And as I passed, one said to the others: "I'd like to come out tonight, but I'll have to check with Kavya." And suddenly, I was flashing forward seventeen years, when my Kavya will be a college student herself, dating a boy like this. Who won't be good enough for her, but at least will have the courtesy to check with her before going out with his friends, and won't be embarrassed to say so in front of them. And it was a little scary to imagine, but mostly kind of nice.

This all assumes we can safely raise her long enough that she makes it to college...

1 thought on “Walking up the stairs…”

  1. I think you will safely raise her to that point. She almost always looks happy and secure in her pictures, even allowing for the likelihood that those are mostly the photos you post!

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