Birds are singing, the…

Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and all is blessedly right with the world -- because I got eight hours of sleep last night! (For the first time in a ridiculously long time.) Kavi is in a good mood too, and we are having a very pleasant morning; I check e-mail and read journals while she happily plays. It's nice, the mornings when she amuses herself for an hour or two at a time. It makes me hopeful that if finances make us cut back on babysitting (which seems likely at some point), that I'll still somehow be able to get work done. We'll see.

I had workshop on Sunday, and now have most of the comments I'm going to get on Arbitrary Passions. (If you're planning to send me comments still, in the next week would be good.) I'm going to take a week or two to let them sit and percolate before I dive into the revision, but the short version seems to be that people essentially like the book quite a bit, but that I need to a) dramatize it a bit more (my perennial problem of too much summary, not enough scene), and b) unpack the meaning a bit more (again, I get so worried about being obvious that I tend to write overly oblique and subtle to the point of obscurity -- I need to get over that). So, sadly, I am not done yet, but I did kind of know that when I sent the draft out. :-) And happily, I appear to be very much on the right track. :-) Yay!

Kevin's parents are visiting, so today is going to be a mellow day of hanging out with them, taking the baby to the park (maybe she'll try the swing for the first time, fun!), oh, and waiting for the blinds guys to come and install blinds in our west windows. I'm a bit nervous about that -- we picked woven wood blinds that I think will look nice (Ceylon Cherry), which I would show you a sample of, but I can't seem to find one online. Well, I'll take a picture when the blinds are up. It's nerve-wracking, though -- you spend a serious chunk of money based on a sample the size of your hand; it's hard to extrapolate what it'll really look like when it's window (or in our case, French door)-sized, especially at different times of day, in different lights. Oh well; cross our fingers and hope.

For your amusement from a few evenings ago -- Kevin plays horsie. Kavi clearly has her horse completely subjugated; he doesn't even have the spirit left to lift his poor head. :-)

My dad used to play elephant with us, which required him to sway one arm in front of his face like an elephant's trunk -- he would also periodically bellow like an angry elephant and charge across the room. It was one of my favorite games ever, but I think we're going to have to wait for Kavi to be just a little more solidly able to hold on before we try such maneuvers. But just look at that nice grip she has on her daddy's hair! :-)

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