From Neil Gaiman’s blog…

From Neil Gaiman's blog recently:

The worst thing in writing something for someone else, and I've found this several times over the years, especially in movies, is where you talk to an editor or an executive and you think that you're talking about the same thing. Then you go away and do what you thought you were talking about and hand it in and find that you were quite wrong, and while you were describing (say) a romantic comedy with ghosts in they were buying a scary ghost story with perhaps some love in, and nobody is happy and the project is doomed.
This is why HarperCollins isn't publishing The Arrangement. It's taken me a long time to figure that out.

I'm not certain what they thought they were buying -- I think maybe a sexy threesome romantic comedy with some ethnic people in. Which is very much not what I wrote. Although my book does have a threesome, and sex, and romance, and ethnic people.

4 thoughts on “From Neil Gaiman’s blog…”

  1. I don’t remember if i’ve said before how much the title “The Arrangement” pleases me–it sounds like a rather subversive play on “arranged marriage” :))

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    It’s meant to be. 🙂 But I actually have to give credit to Bob for coming up with the title — I love it, but it was all him.

  3. So i’m reacting per program! :).

    Thanks for the explanation re. CBS, btw. It’s nice to know when you can apply to someone for elucidation without them taking unintended offense.

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