Found one more old…

Found one more old video. Here's a minute of video from December 23, so Kavi was about seven months old then. My favorite moment is around 44 seconds in, when she discovers her fingers. I should also note when I say Kavi is 'singing', this is what I mean. :-)

Hey -- I'm really not sure what quality of video I'm supposed to be uploading. I chose iMovie's 'webstreaming' option, but the sound and video quality is really pretty damn low, as you can see. Is there a good reason not to choose a higher resolution option?

Updated to add: Jed researched a bit, and apparently as high a resolution as you can do, up to the 100 MB limit. I tried re-doing this one -- the highest-quality option (uncompressed) was 200 MB, so no good. The next easy option was a bit less compressed than what I had before, so I went ahead and uploaded it. You may or may not notice any difference. Also uploaded supposedly much higher quality version of previous table running video (which was half the length).

4 thoughts on “Found one more old…”

  1. Loving these videos!!

    I’m not sure, but I think YouTube has an automatic compression thing when you upload videos. I’ve started high quality and had them go low, and I suspect it’s that.

    Don’t know for sure, though.

  2. Mary Anne,
    Can’t seem to find the comments category for your newest post but anyway…you know that superstition about fish making a person really brainy and how mums would make their kids eat fish before an exam…I found this in a very old American textbook. (1950’s.)

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    If you’re viewing these entries on the new main page, Jed hasn’t had time to add a ‘post comment’ link there; soon, I think. You can still use the old main journal page for that in the interim, though…

    And I totally believe that fish makes you brainy. (Any argument towards victory in the battle, no matter how specious… 🙂

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