I’m tired! Taking it…

I'm tired! Taking it easy so far today -- I spent a few hours reading a great historical/fantasy, Elizabeth Marie Pope's The Perilous Gard. I almost don't want to tell you too much about it, for fear of spoiling it. I liked her The Sherwood Ring too, but this is better. It just gets better and better as it goes, too; I love it when a book does that. And even though it's a Newberry Honor Book (YA category), it's just barely a YA; you could easily classify it as an adult book.

Other than that, I managed to re-color a b/w image (which took me a long time; I wonder if there's a less tedious way to do it than what I did, very pixelly) and then tried to get it to tile horizontally on my web page -- to no avail. I have no idea why it's not working; the code looks right to me. Sigh. Hopefully Jed can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Until I hear from him, I'll probably wait on the left column. Although I don't think I want an actual graphic there, now that I think about it -- just a nice textured background, very non-intrusive. Ideally something with a linen sort of feel, I think. If anyone knows of anyplace with free textured backgrounds (that I can re-color to my color, if I can figure out how), please point me in the right direction.

(Oh wait, never mind, I tried googling, and there are tons of them.)

Baby's napping; we both have colds. She's sniffling and snotty; I have a sore throat. And I'm expecting to crash with exhaustion at some point. But until that point arrives, I have dishes to do and syllabi to prep...

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