This is just a quick…

This is just a quick note that Kat and I have decided to make the download version of The Poet's Journey free to the public, in the hopes that once people see what a charming story it is, and see how lovely the illustrations are, that they will join in a mad rush to buy many copies. :-)

I've also add a plain text version back to my site, for those who want to just read the text online, rather than downloading a PDF through Lulu. Read, read, enjoy! (It's very short. And did I mention, charming?)

I've got to say, I just sat down and read through the book, doing the final proof before approving it for distribution to online booksellers (it should be up at Amazon, etc. within the next six weeks). And it made me so happy. I love the story, and I love Kat's illustrations, and I'm so happy to have written a book that I can actually read to Kavi. :-) It's so damn cool.

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