My mother’s been asking…

My mother's been asking me what Kavi will be wearing for her first birthday party. I wasn't sure which party dresses fit her, so I tried a couple on this morning (Kavi was very tolerant of the fashion show). And I have to admit, I'm torn. I'm awfully fond of both of these outfits, and I think they'll both still fit her in two months. I realize no one but a mother is likely to obsess over a baby's clothes like this, but hey, in case you have an opinion, I thought I'd throw the question out to the group. Which one do you like better?

We have the classic blue and white dress, very lovely and elegant. It's got tiers of ruffles! We could call this the 'white baby' dress.

And then there's the slightly more raucous 'brown baby' outfit that Mirna brought back for her from India. Which was a bit hard to get a good photo of Kavi in because she was absolutely obsessed with all the sparkly sequins. I took about fifty photos, and in almost all of them she was looking down, picking at her skirt.

My current thought is that we'll wear the orange one for the family party in Connecticut, and the blue and white for the friends party in Chicago. No actual choice will be necessary! So yes, this has all been a way to procrastinate. Babies are good at facilitating procrastination, especially if you have a digital camera. I need to go back to reading history now...

7 thoughts on “My mother’s been asking…”

  1. Her little belly in the last picture is so unbelievably cute!

    The two dresses are great, and I think you are right, white dress for friend party, indian dress for family party.

    Coincidently I bought the exact same outfit (except red and green) for my friends daughter when I went to india.

  2. I like the “both” plan, because she is unbelievably cute in both, and then you’ll have lots of pictures of her in both. That belly photo is adorable.

  3. Both are ridiculously pretty! The first one you can use as an Easter dress, too, if you’re doing anything on Sunday 🙂

    I was hanging out with another mother of a boy in Silver Moon, drooling over this ethereal puff of a dress in white tulle with ribbon-embroidered flowers all over the skirt, saying how if River was a girl, I’d be all over that dress. And she tsked me, pointing out that I refuse to dress River in gendered clothing (that is, sports/ transportation themed things). We agreed that it is for the best, in my case, that I have a boy. But, oh! The pretty party dresses!!

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hm…Heather, is it that you don’t do gendered clothing, or that you just have no personal interest in sports/transportation? Because if I had a boy, I’d avoid all the sports stuff (until he got old enough to tell me that he loved basketball, etc.) And trucks don’t do much for me. But I do love trains, so he’d probably have some of that — also rocket ships and dinosaurs and monsters.

    Granted, Kavi also has a rocket ship sippy cup and an orange/blue/brown monster sweater, because they were so cute. So maybe it’s not really about reinforcing the gender stuff as just dressing the baby in cute stuff. I think I’d refrain from ruffles on a boy, given societal convention and the risk of getting beat up on the playground — but oh, what about a pirate shirt once River’s a bit older? Flowy white sleeves and a ruffled front! And some of the Indian boy’s outfits have gorgeous embroidery…

    I *am* liking having a girl to dress up in the pretty pretty clothes, though. 🙂

  5. Well, we do dinosaurs and dragons and monsters, it’s true. But, as you pointed out, a girl can enjoy those, too. I *guess* trains are ok, but they also like to put stuff like dumptrucks on boys’ clothes, which I don’t like so well. And, yes, we have a rocket/ spaceman outfit that we bought for Wiscon before we even knew whether Pixel was a boy or a girl 🙂

    And I honestly can’t wait until I can put him in a ruffled pirate shirt — my nephew went as a pirate for a few years, with my sister all dressed up like a pirate as well, and they looked *awesome*. Oh, and Aleister also wore a boy’s Indian outfit for our wedding, which was just gorgeous. But the pretty pretty clothes are more limited with boys, and what I tend to dress him in is more gender-neutral…

    I had a point, but River’s crying and I am unable to formulate it 🙂

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