Okay, so Nilofer…

Okay, so Nilofer actually arrived around 12:30, and then we talked for an hour and a half over lunch, and then we took Ellie for a walk to the dog park, so I am only now getting back to work. So I missed 2.5 hrs of work, instead of the expected 1 hr. But on the plus side, got to have a good, long substantive talk with Nilofer, which I haven't had a chance to do in at least a month. And got the first exercise I've had in a while, with a nice long walk with Ellie. My thighs are a little sore now. Yes, it's sad that walking makes my thighs sore -- that tells you just how out-of-shape I am at the moment. I'm going to work on it, I swear.

In any case, 1.5 hrs of babysitting left. Will I finish chapter 17 in time? Or will I cave and start assembling that nice towel rack we got for Kavi's bathroom (because people apparently like giving babies cute little hooded towels and she therefore has more of them than any child could possibly need). Writing or housework? Writing or housework? Which will Mary Anne pick? Oh, the suspense...

3:45. Did go back to writing, and got some good stuff down. Getting mentally tired, though, and this chapter is going to be an unusually long one -- I don't think I can finish in another forty-five minutes. I've written 4000 words today, though, which is a really good word count for me, plus my fingers are getting a bit sore (out of practice! like my thighs!) so I think I'm actually going to go ahead and stop now, do a little cleaning and organizing before Melissa leaves. If I have the energy, maybe I'll try to write a little more after Kavi goes to bed, see if I can finish the chapter then. If not, is okay, I think. 4000 words! Yay, me!

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I actually don’t like trying to assemble furniture and such while watching her — too many sharp edges for her to get to quickly, too many little pieces to swallow.

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