Oof, tired. But after…

Oof, tired. But after cooking dinner (chicken curry, carrot-potato curry, coconut sambol, with leftover beets and fresh rice) for Kevin and Micah (visiting math friend) and putting Kavi to bed, I managed to write another 1500 words. Almost to the end of the chapter, but my fingers are hurting again, so I'm going to stop.

Besides, I've heard that it's a good idea to stop before the end (of a chapter, a scene, a paragraph, a sentence), so when you open the file again, you can easily pick up and start writing -- making it easier to keep writing. It makes sense, but I'm definitely too compulsive to stop in the middle of a sentence! Middle of a chapter will have to do...

Great day! So productive, so pleased with myself. Now, if Kavi will just let me sleep tonight too...I know, I know, I'm getting greedy. Two nights in a row would be asking much too much.

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  1. Interesting. When I am writing a math paper, if I stop in the middle of something, I often have completely lost my line of thought the next time I pick it up. I don’t think I could write that way at all.

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