I’m sitting in a cafe,…

I'm sitting in a cafe, The Fixx, writing. 1200 words so far, and I think I could keep going, but I'm going to stop, because I want enough time to process what I'm writing. Right now, I've finally hit the point in the book where I'm trying to write about Kevin and Karina and me, about poly, and I desperately want to get it right. To represent us right, to convey the truth of how poly feels to me, when it's working right. It feels different from monogamous love, but I'm not sure I can put it into words. That's the job, right? To put difficult feelings into words, to convey these human truths. But this one, this one is going to be tricky.

I had a terrific time last night. Spent a bit more than I would have ideally wanted; we're going to have to find cheaper things to do together. But Venu, Nilofer and I got together for appetizers at Cru and a play and dessert and port at Ralph Lauren's bar and lounge afterwards, and it was just great! The play was fun, the Lookingglass Theatre's production of Hephaestus. It's really more like going to the circus than to a play -- lots of really impressive physical feats, flying through the air on a trapeze, high-wire acts, etc. Rather glorious, though don't go expecting great acting -- that's not their focus. It's the circus in a theatrical setting, and they do it splendidly. Mostly, though I just loved talking to two smart, interesting women about work and love and kids and politics and...well, just everything. It's good to have good friends. Stayed out 'til eleven, and was jazzed enough when I came home that I ended up cleaning for another hour before I got tired enough to fall asleep. Funny, given that I usually go to bed around 9 p.m. these days. :-)

This morning, woke up with Kavi to feed her at 3, but she went back to sleep, and we next woke up at 7, which is quite respectable. Puttered about with her for a few hours, then Jarmila arrived to babysit for the day, and I packed up my stuff and came here to meet another writer (hi, Sarah) and work. I think I'm going to look through some old revision notes on a piece called "History Lesson" that I wrote back in grad school. If I'm remembering right, it was in some ways a prequel to this book I'm writing now -- mostly history, not much memoir. I don't think I'll ever try to rework that particular piece, but there may be parts of it that I want to cannibalize for the nonfiction book. We'll see. After that, a few errands around the neighborhood, and then home again. Good Saturday. Hope yours is good too!

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