Well, of course the…

Well, of course the cable installation was supposed to take twenty minutes, and took two hours, during which time I got increasingly stressed. Tech things that don't work make me very stressed out; I feel really helpless. At least Kevin was able to be home for it; otherwise it would be much worse. Eventually they got everything working (after going through four different cable boxes, and a trip to their warehouse). So now we have HD cable, and Kevin claims he can see a difference, though I can't. Mostly, I wanted to get the ugly satellite dish off the roof.

Today, pediatrician's appt. and immunizations, then more hanging with baby. Might go out with the gals this evening, if we can find babysitting -- Kevin and I accidentally double-booked, because he has a poker game tonight. Hey, it's our first 'maybe can't socialize 'cause we don't have a babysitter' parental dilemma. At least it has the virtue of novelty this time around... :-)

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