Kavi is…

Kavi is crawling!

Okay, maybe not exactly crawling. Kevin claims that she does actually crawl, at least for a step or two, but I haven't seen that yet. What I've seen is that she gets up on hands and knees, pushes up with her feet, and lunges forward, thumping back down to the ground. You wouldn't think this would be so exciting, but now that she's finally learned how to a) not go backwards instead, and b) how to keep her face from hitting the ground, Kavya can make actual forward progress. So when she sees one of her toys she wants across the room (or a laptop power cord, or the leaves of a plant, or one of Ellie's toys), she can actually get to it! As a result, there has been much more delighted chortling around here the last day or so, and much less frustrated howling. Chortles are much better than howls, I promise you, although they can both be pretty loud.

She's just at one of those exciting developmental stages, I think -- she also mastered sitting upright in the last week (she no longer flops backward, banging her head into the ground), and she's very excited about standing, which she can do for quite a long time if she has someone's hands to hold onto. All of this makes for a happy baby. Hopefully the happiness will last for a while now -- at least until she starts really wanting to actually walk...

Of course, the other thing this means for us? Time to childproof our home! Any advice y'all might have on the best cabinet locks, safety gates, and such would be appreciated...

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    She’s not doing it consistently yet, so it’s hard to catch; when I get a good video, I’ll be sure to put it up. 🙂

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