Yesterday it was me and…

Yesterday it was me and Kavi alone all day. I woke up with her around 6, got Kevin up around noon and sent him off to work. He had a work dinner, so he came home at 9:30, snuggled the baby for fifteen minutes or so, and then gave her back to me so I could put her to bed. He's been mostly doing the bedtime bath, but it's somehow become my job to actually read her the bedtime story and rock her to sleep and put her down. He claims that I'm better at it than he is. Hmmm...I'm dubious.

In any case, it was a whole day of me and Kavya. And y'know, it was okay. Of course, I didn't actually try to get anything done other than hang out with her. She was velcro-baby yesterday; not really difficult, but wanting to be attached to a person at all times. So I wasn't allowed to put her down, not unless I was going to sit down on the floor right next to her. Which makes it somewhat difficult to do things like make dinner! I pretty much was only able to do things during her three naps -- right now, she naps for 1-2 hrs in the morning, afternoon, and early evening. So that was the time for the bathroom, cooking, eating, and cleaning up a little. It was fine, but only because I didn't have anything I really needed to do. If I'd had to get stuff done, I would have gotten seriously frustrated, I think.

Today, I hang out with her in the morning, then Nilofer and Venu are coming by for brunch (I'm just making eggs, but if Kevin wakes up in time to watch the baby, I'll run out and pick up some juice/fruit before they get here). Then after brunch, we are going to finish the unpacking, dangit. Since that's mostly Kevin's clothes and stuff at this point, there's only so much I can do to help. But I have faith. We will finish!

2 thoughts on “Yesterday it was me and…”

  1. Have you considered turning her into an actual velcro baby? It seems like that could help — it would leave your hands free, and you could stick her to walls and such when you need her up off the ground….

    (I should perhaps note that I’m not entirely awake yet.)

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. I did wear her for an hour or so yesterday, which let me go down and get the mail, open it, etc., but I got tired. I’m hopeful that soon she’ll actually be crawling and able to just follow me around the first floor — the problem right now is that if I leave the living room, she can’t see me…

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