New Year’s Resolutions,…

New Year's Resolutions, in rough order of priority:

  • be a good mommy (to both Kavya and Ellie), and a good partner to Kevin
  • write every week (it used to be write every day, but with a baby around, you readjust your expectations -- even writing once a week, I should be able to finish a book a year, if all goes well)
  • teach well (I want to do more prep than I'm used to doing, and start building up a library of exciting lesson plans and glorious lecture notes)
  • be in better contact with long-distance friends and family -- more phone calls!
  • eat better: mostly, this means less eating out, because that's where all that sneaky butter and oil creeps in (plus, bonus, save money!). So more cooking, and when we're both too busy/tired to cook, at least have healthier prepared foods in stock. Trader Joe's salads and the like. Also, try to eat something green every day. :-)
  • exercise regularly: Yesterday, I tried a vinyasa yoga class, which was a bit intense for my out-of-shape self, but I did feel really good afterwards. And then really tired. I'm hoping to try a mom-and-baby yoga class this week too, and maybe some martial arts classes. I'm trying to find some forms of exercise that I can actually sustain for the rest of my life. Given how easily I get bored, I have a feeling I may end up with many different forms. Something like this:
    • Monday: vinyasa yoga class / lift some weights
    • Tuesday: long walk with Ellie
    • Wednesday: Dance Dance Revolution
    • Thursday: mom-and-baby yoga class for now / later on, dance class?
    • Friday: walk fast (and then maybe someday run) on treadmill / lift some weights
    • Saturday: martial arts class
    • Sunday: long walk with Ellie / bike ride with Kevin (and Kavi?) when weather improves
  • get the SLF back in shape, and continue to do well by DesiLit
  • whenever I think about taking on a new project, pause and assess whether I really have time to do it justice
  • garden a little every week, because it makes me happy
  • try to relax and be sensible about the clean house, the party-throwing, everything else -- do it if it seems fun, satisfying, makes me happier. As soon as it starts being a source of stress, go play with the baby or puppy or boy instead. :-)
Lots of resolutions this time around, but I think I need them -- there have been a lot of changes in my life the last few years, and I'm still figuring out how best to live my new life, day to day. Hopefully these will help!

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